Is it me or has it taken forever to cool down?  Or has my mind forgotten the blistering days of August when you don’t dare to go outside for fear of either melting or looking like a member of the Supremes (yeah cheers humidity).

But at last I can actually feel a difference, the air doesn’t feel thick and claustrophobic, my hair isn’t stuck to my face and I no longer have that permanent shiny look which looks ever so attractive. In fact, dare I say it, it's even a little chilly in the evenings. I know, I know the damn English are never happy! So what better way is there to celebrate this longed for change in weather than a nice early morning stroll along the beach.

There are usually always people buzzing around The Beach at JBR, either running, jet skiing, eating or just sunning themselves with friends. I really enjoy it when the beach is lively and you can see everyone having a lovely day out. However there is something I’m not a massive fan of, the construction noise. I was lulled into a false sense of security at JBR the last time I went. The building work which seems to have taken quite a while seemed to have stopped. But then two days later sure enough they started dredging up more of the beautiful sand and constructing ugly fences. I really do wish they would just stop all the building work and let us enjoy what they have already created. But I guess that’s Dubai for you, always wanting to go one better. Don’t get me wrong I’m a massive fan of the new look JBR and you can regularly find me enjoying some food in one of the new restaurants but there comes a point when you just want it all to stop. That’s why I prefer to go really early (like 6am) so you can catch that little moment of time when workman put down their tools and turn off their diggers. A true moment of peace just listening to the sound of the waves breaking which is so rare in this manic city.

the beach at JBR Dubai

picture of a starfish at the beach in JBR Dubai

picture of a starfish at the beach in JBR Dubai

picture of a jellyfish at the beach in JBR Dubai

picture of a jellyfish at the beach in JBR Dubai

picture of a crab at the beach in JBR Dubai

picture of a starfish at the beach in JBR Dubai

All that strolling (and rescuing Starfish!) got us feeling quite peckish so we headed down for some eggcellent eggs (see what I did there) at Eggspectation restaurant. Luckily for us, it opens at 7 am so we didn’t starve for too long.

Eggspectation at the beach in JBR Dubai

We chose to try the Banana Java drink to start which is, Espresso, chocolate milk, honey and banana. I'm not a fan of Bananas, especially in drinks. And to be honest I don’t really get cold coffee. Mix them together and you have my idea of hell. How wrong could I have been! It was pretty damn good and really refreshing!

banana java drink  at eggspectation at the beach in JBR Dubai

A simple cappuccino for me. This is good coffee though. Not the usual coffee which is basically hot milk you so often get these days.

cappucino at eggspectation at the beach in JBR Dubai

Then came the toast and jams to start. I always have to sit on my hands at this point but usually, the temptation gets me and I eat the lot.

fresh toast at eggspectations at the beach in JBR Dubai

Followed by The Fresh Start. Two any-style eggs (I had mine scrambled) served with Lyonnaise-style potatoes, grilled tomatoes and toast. This was ok it wasn’t anything amazing, I got the impression everything was a bit reheated. But then again I guess it was just scrambled egg so I can’t expect too much.

the fresh start at eggspectations in JBR Dubai

Then came the Bacon ‘N’ Eggsbenedict - Two poached eggs with Beef bacon on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce and lyonnaise-style potatoes. Now this was nice!  The sauce wasn’t that horrible acrid bright yellow colour you see in a lot of restaurants and the beef bacon was really yummy.  And the eggs were perfect. Not too runny and not too hard. All in all a really good choice. In fact, I was a bit jealous.

bacon n eggsbenedict at eggspectations in JBR Dubai

This is the Mykonos omelette: Cherry tomatoes, feta, onions, oregano and olives. Served with Lyonnaise style potatoes  I was told this was really nice, I didn't try it though as I can't bear olives. So you'll have to try this one yourselves.

the Mykonos omlette at eggspectations in JBR Dubai

This is also the Fresh Start but this time with poached eggs.

I really like the look and feel of the inside, the chairs with their whitewashed colour look lovely against the blue of the sea, and the soft lighting and calming music make this a really nice chilled out breakfast spot. At the weekends it seems to be the destination of choice for energetic fit people that have been running/roller skating along the beach in search of protein. So be prepared to wait for a table. In the week getting a table isn’t a problem as you can see from my photos! You may also wish to wear a sweatband in order to fit in.

the interior at eggspectations in JBR Dubai

Make sure you grab a group of friends so you can all order something different on the menu as there’s so much to choose from. Then you can all dive in and try a bit of everything. I also have a sneaky suspicion their naughty options like their Chocolate Chip Pancakes filled with chocolate chips and served with pure Canadian maple syrup might just be a lot tastier than the healthy options. So get someone else to order it and have a taste. That way the calories don’t count... Well, you didn’t actually order them, did you?

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