Ahh the great British summer. One minute we're all basking in 30 degree heat enjoying a delicious glass of Pimms and moaning it's too hot to sleep, the next we're shivering in the lashing rain as we dream of far away skies, palm trees and bikinis.

With the weather being (shall we say?) erratic it can make it hard to decide what to wear, especially if you're off on a day out and don't want to take the whole of your wardrobe with you. Seriously, I had to practically pack a suitcase when I went out for a walk last weekend. The solution: a lightweight statement coat, of course. And if you don’t already own a stand out piece now is the perfect time to pick one up as there are some gorgeous styles around - I can only apologise for the action your credit card is about to see.

If you’re looking for a smart investment purchase you can’t go wrong with a trench or drape coat. It’s a classic style you’re sure to return to year upon year. However, if you’re after something a little more casual then a rain mac is always a great option. I absolutely adore the Topshop Hooded Rain Mac with the checkered cuffs.

I've narrowed down a few of my current faves.

The best lightweight coats for summer 2017

1.) Classic Trench Coat by Boutique | 2.) Topshop Hooded Raincoat Mac | 3.) River Island Pink Belted Duster Trench Coat | 4.) River Island Black Gingham Check Belted Trench Coat | 5.) Jack Wills Trench Coat | 6.) Damsel in a dress Yukata Drape Coat

Which of these coats is your favourite? The Jack Wills Trench Coat is my coat of choice (there's just something so elegant about the double-breasted buttons) but the Damsel in a dress Yukata Drape Coat is a close second!

As always let me know which one is your favourite and if you've seen any other gorgeous lightweight coats around.

Happy shopping!

Love, Becky x

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