Isn’t it hard to find a decent but cheap restaurant in Dubai? Well, guess what I’ve only ruddy gone and found one! Ok, I didn’t technically find it, my friend did but hey he’s not here now so I’ll take the credit. The restaurant is Zaroob and focuses on street food traditionally found in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. With dishes such as Hummus, tabbouleh, all kinds of Man’oush and Shawarma you can’t go far wrong.

Photo of Zaroob name outside of the restaurant

The first thing I noticed was the restaurant was packed with local people enjoying plate after plate of delicious food.Therefore the wait for a table was quite long but we didn’t mind, if the food is good enough for the locals then we figured it was worth the wait. Anyway, it gave us time to have a good nose around inside first. The colours hit you in the face as soon as you go in, everything is so bright and cheery it just makes you feel happy and content. The colours of the furniture seem to have been inspired by the fruit that gets juiced at the open juice bar. Think apple green, raspberry pink and banana yellow.

The interior of zaroob Dubai

The interior of zaroob Dubai

The interior of zaroob Dubai

The interior of zaroob Dubai

I would have happily eaten inside but it would be criminal to now that the weather is so lovely, so we headed outside to see if our table was ready.

The word ‘Zaroob’ means small alley and this is exactly how to describe the outside. It reminded me of a theatre production. That might sound odd but Zaroob couldn’t be further away from the clean lines, sharp edges and sterile environment of every other restaurant in Dubai. It is as if a stage manager has come along and transformed the space, tricking you into thinking you are in a different city about to immerse yourself in somebody else’s story. And what a breath of fresh air it is. Jeans, flats and messy hair are all acceptable here. 

the outside of zaroob restaurant Dubai

the outside of zaroob restaurant Dubai

the outside of zaroob restaurant Dubai

Now let’s get to the important stuff, the food. I love places where the price tag is low therefore you can order loads of dishes and try a little of everything. However, we did need to narrow it down slightly as it would be rather greedy to order everything. Luckily our waiter was on hand to go through the options with us. We couldn’t fault the service from him, he was helpful and didn’t rush us when we kept changing our minds, which believe me we did a lot as every option looked so good when it came out of the kitchen.

friends deciding what to eat at zaroob Dubai

the menu at zaroob

First up Hummus with chicken shawarma on top. Be prepared to eat a lot of bread mopping this deliciousness up.  Yum yum yum! You may even find that chunk of pitta bread becomes a sword to ward off other hands diving in. 

hummus topped with shawarma meat Zaroob Dubai

Next up the shawarmas, we got two types, chicken and beef. I think shawarmas may be one of my favourite foods of all time. Meat...good...garlic...good...bread...good. And they came with chips, bonus! Oh and pickles, which I know is traditional but I’ll take the chips over the veg any day.

chicken and beef shawarmas at zaroob dubai

We also ordered a salad mainly to be healthy, but luckily this was also scrummy. Especially those naughty little fried bits on top!

salad at zaroob dubai

Anyone for a bucket of falafel?

falafal at zaroob in dubai

Or how about some Fattouch?

fattouch from zaroob in duabi

Mint tea anyone?

mint tea at zaroob in dubai

mint tea at zaroob in dubai

How about a little look at this cheeky lot together. Before...

lots of different plates of food in zaroob dubai to say we enjoyed it. Doggy bag for the salad?

lots of different plates of food in zaroob dubai

Everything we had was really yummy and fed four very hungry people who left feeling completely stuffed. Our best friends we had over from England loved it too, more so than the fancy restaurants we had been to whilst they were visiting. In fact, they loved it so much we went again on their last night before flying back to England. Look at their happy little faces.

our friends enjoying zaroob dubai

And for 184 dirhams you could go night after night after night…...

photo of the receipt in zaroob duabi

What a lovely night.  Thank you Zaroob! We'll be back! Link here to their website or have a look at their Facebook page. 

Love, Becky x

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